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Naef - Vache Rouge (Red Cow) Naef - Vache Rouge (Red Cow)
Naef - Red Cow Play object in highest quality with the aim of developing people's creativity. Whe...
77.40 44.10
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Naef - Bauhaus Optical Color Mixer Naef - Bauhaus Optical Color Mixer
The optical color mixer shows us how the rotation of a top brings about a color blend. Varying aspec...
43.10 USD
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Naef - Building Game Naef - Building Game
Naef - Building Game Bauhaus
137.20 USD
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Naef - Quadrigo Naef - Quadrigo
Quadrigo - concentration on the essential You will be amazed by the level of creativity that these ...
141.10 USD
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Naef - Modulon Naef - Modulon
Naef - Modulon
Modulon - a cube divided into the dimensions of the golden section
235.20 USD
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Naef - OP-TRIC Set 5 Tops Naef - OP-TRIC Set 5 Tops
Colors produced from black and white The eyes sees, the mind thinks - black and white is not always...
77.40 USD
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Naef - Wooden Top Naef - Wooden Top
Available in the following wood types: pear tree, maple, cherry tree, walnut tree and plump tree...
7.65 USD
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Naef - Labyrinth Naef - Labyrinth
A famous inspirable and classical item that demands skills... Art.-Nr. 9610 Design: Hans Nyefeler ...
45.10 USD
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Naef - Juba Naef - Juba
Masters every move This little caterpillar's ability to twist and turn delights both adults and chi...
48.00 USD
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DVD - Die Herbstzeitlosen DVD - Die Herbstzeitlosen
Die Herbstzeitlosen Les automnes sans temps, Late Bloomers CH 2006, 86 min. Directed by Betti...
37.15 32.25 USD
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Naef - Cella Naef - Cella
Cella Cella symbolisiert diesen Weg. The smallest unit within a cell, or the most sacred cha...
176.40 USD
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Naef - Metallic Diamant Naef - Metallic Diamant
A beautiful multifaceted puzzle The original by Peer Clahsen in a true “diamond” among...
331.25 USD
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Naef - Cubicus Naef - Cubicus
Cubicus Art.-Nr. 9609 Cubicus natur (natur) 10 x 10 x 10 cm 10 teiliger Würfel (10 p...
156.80 USD
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Naef - Angular Naef - Angular
Angular Art.-Nr. 9714 22,5 x 22,5 x 2,5 cm 8 Winkel, 1 Würfel (8 angles, 1 cube) ...
249.90 USD
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Naef - Rainbow Naef - Rainbow
Rainbow Art.-Nr. 9713 D = 25 cm 9 Elemente (9 elements) Design: Heiko Hillig ...
194.05 USD
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Naef Games

It is time to tread new paths... Educational play objects in highest quality with the aim of developing people's creativity, this is the path that...

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