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Victorinox - SwissCard Lite
Stock: In stock
Packed in: 1 day(s)
Shipping weight: 100 gram


30.00 CHF
(Approx. 30.95 USD | 27.30 EUR | 23.10 GBP)

Victorinox - SwissCard Lite - Click to enlarge image
Click to enlarge image

The high-grade ‘SwissCard Lite' in credit card format is the latest development by VICTORINOX. The new features incorporate an integrated light diode, a precise magnifying glass and the company's own specially developed and ‘Quattro screwdriver' with four functions.

With the elegant ‘SwissCard Lite' you have the most essential tools and accessories always at hand. It fits perfectly well into your diary, planner, purse, briefcase or handbag. At a slim 3.5 mm, the ‘SwissCard Lite' weighs a mere 20 grams and is 8.1 cm long and 5.3 cm wide.

The red light diode guarantees minimum energy consumption. The energy is supplied by a 3V lithium battery built into the casing. Battery change is only necessary after 2 years or after very intensive use and, with one touch, is as easy as child's play.

The ‘SwissCard Lite' offers you 13 functions. The following are the integral tools: letter opener (blade), scissors, magnifying glass, pin, press ballpoint pen, ‘Quattro screwdriver' 3mm, 5 mm, Philips screwdriver 00-0 and 1-2, light diode, ruler in cm and inches.

Our ‘SwissCard Lite' is a first-rate practical, all-round product for every man and every woman. It makes a very attractive and worthwhile present for those who value highest quality. The generous surface available for printing also means that the handy ‘SwissCard Lite' is ideal as a long-lasting advertising carrier with an excellent reminder value.

‘SwissCard Lite' is available in attractive transparent colours. You can therefore always see which tool you want to use and whether all tools are in their right place and none is missing. ‘SwissCard Lite' is available in red (0.7300.T) , blue (0.7333.T2) and anthracite (0.7333.T3) .

Comes in paper box with user guide.


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