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Fire Spices
Stock: In stock
Packed in: 3 day(s)
Shipping weight: 55 gram

4.95 CHF
(Approx. 4.85 USD | 4.60 EUR | 3.80 GBP)

Fire Spices - Click to enlarge image
Click to enlarge image

Barbecue Fire Spices

Burn them to get the Ultimate Tasting Barbecue

Mixed spices for your perfect barbecue. 20g spice mix which contains the following:  
rosemary, thyme, fennel, oregano, sage, coriander

HERBAL EXPERIANCE: One day Peter Meyer was on a trip through the Pyrenees. During a break, he discovered wild herbs and put them into the fire of his barbecue. The food was delicious, emitting a magnificent herbal aroma which made the mouths of the other hikers water.

THE CLUE: While the herbs burned up, they evaporated into smoke. The fumes contained their essential oils and transported it directly into the food, giving it a fine smoked flavour of herbs.

HOW TO USE: Throw the herbs directly into the blaze of the charcoal.

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