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DVD - Krokus - As long as we live
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DVD - Krokus - As long as we live - Click to enlarge image
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Krokus - As long as we live
Documentation,  2004
Runtime: 80 Min. plus 90 Min. Bonus material

Directed by Reto Caduff
Written by Reto Caduff, Hannes Hug
Languages: Swissgerman, German, English, French,
Regional Code: 2 (Europe)
Special Features: Music Videos, Deleted Scenes, Trailer, Photogallery

Story: With over 10 million records sold, 80's hard rock gods “Krokus” are still the most successful Swiss band ever making it big in the USA and England. Band, former members, managers, record execs and groupies recall the unbelievable story of five guys from small town Solothurn in Switzerland who left their cozy homeland in the late 70's to rock the world – and the consequences they suffered of living the dream. A Swiss ”Spinal Tap”. Far from your average “rockmentary” Krokus – As Long As We Live is the cautious tale of a 30 years rollercoaster ride through music history with all the ingredients of great dramas: broken friendships, illness, drugs, sex, fights, overblown egos, money and lots of naivité. It is only rock'n'roll - but it has changed the lives of our protagonists forever.

Inhalt: Fünf Solothurner «Giele» kehren dem spiessigen Bünzlileben den Rücken und ziehen mit ihrem Rock’n’Roll in die grosse Welt hinaus. Sie erobern mit Hardrock die Konzertstadien in den USA und die Herzen der Groupies. Ende der 80er-Jahre fallen die Rockgötter unverhofft aus den Wolken des Rockhimmels und landen unsanft auf dem Boden der helvetischen Realität. Die Geschichte der erfolgreichsten Schweizer Rockband aller Zeiten.

L’histoire du groupe de rock le plus célèbre de Suisse. Ils ont remplis les stades américains et le coeur des groupies. A la fin des années 80, les dieux de la scène sont soudainement chassés du paradis du rock, et atterrissent brutalement sur le sol de la réalité helvétique.



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