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Spirit of Invention
Many popular brand products were originally invented in Switzerland. Look around and explore some examples of the spirit of Swiss invention (or at least patented here).  

Top Products in Spirit of Invention:
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Carbon Ball-point pen Carbon Ball-point pen
Without a doubt, the pen is the most utilised accessory of our day. It is often the teller of specta...
20.45 USD
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Keyring - Laser Keyring - Laser
Bright laserbeam , heavy iron body, battery screwed in. Shockproof. LPM.1...
46.90 USD
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EdelWeiss - Swiss Cross Fleece Jackets EdelWeiss - Swiss Cross Fleece Jackets
Swiss Cross Fleece Jacket From the EdelWeiss warm Winter 2006/2007 Collection Professional clothes...
85.25 USD
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Lady Handbag - Swiss NS7692 Lady Handbag - Swiss NS7692
Lady handbag manufactured from strainable PVC material. Steplessly adjustable shoulder carrying belt...
210.70 USD
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Steel Chronograph WMC 5 + 8 Silver Steel Chronograph WMC 5 + 8 Silver
Swiss Military 44mm Chronograph with rubber band WMC 5- 2010 model WMC 8 - Same watch with sta...
245.00 156.80 USD
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Fire Spices Fire Spices
Barbecue Fire Spices Burn them to get the Ultimate Tasting Barbecue Mixed spices for your perf...
4.85 USD
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Swiss Spice - Classic Shaker Swiss Spice - Classic Shaker
The best salt and pepper shaker in the world Classic Shaker For Home Travel and Adventure ...
24.50 USD
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Thermos Mug 1 Thermos Mug 1
SWISS MILITARY 390 ml Thermos Mug Silver (MM.1) no more available...
38.05 USD
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SWISSMADE.COM is an international online shop for Swiss made products like milk dark Cailler or Frigor chocolate, Victorinox knives or the typically Swiss army knife. We sell Swiss made Parisienne mild, watches from Victorinox and Wenger, Swiss cross military blankets or the legendary design rex peeler from zena. Everything too for a nice and cosy Swiss evening with Kambly biscuits, Gerber fondue and a hot cup of Ovomaltine the next morning. Welcome to Switzerland .

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