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Down To Earth
In this section, we highlight products that are authentic. We are really proud of all of these specially selected items that you will probably not find on the globalized international market. We hope that we can help you discover some new brands and products for you to enjoy.  

Top Products in Down To Earth:
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Chuchichaeschtli Chuchichaeschtli
Chuchichaeschtli Schweizerdeutsch, Schweizer Mundart # Sprachführe S...
13.95 USD
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PhotoGraphic Images - Aluminium Panels PhotoGraphic Images - Aluminium Panels is the label of SWISSMADE Editor, architect and photographer Daniel Schulthess ...
990.70 USD
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CD - Hellhammer - Demon Entrails - 2CD (Celtic Frost.) CD - Hellhammer - Demon Entrails - 2CD (Celtic Frost.)
Hellhammer - Demon Entrails - 2CD "Demon Entrails" 2-CD Tracklisting: CD 1: &q...
30.85 USD
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Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern. Incl. CD-ROM Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern. Incl. CD-ROM
Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern. Incl. CD-ROM Paul Klee (1879-1940) was one of the truly outstanding art...
77.40 46.45 USD
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Kiener Toys - Cow Musicbox Kiener Toys - Cow Musicbox
53.65 USD
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CD - Plüsch - Sidefiin (2004) CD - Plüsch - Sidefiin (2004)
Plüsch Sidefiin (2004) Tracks : 1. blibe wini bi 3:59 2. jede tag (u je...
33.95 USD
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DVD - Krokus - As long as we live DVD - Krokus - As long as we live
Krokus - As long as we live Documentation,  2004 Runtime: 80 Min. plus 90 Min. Bonus material...
33.00 USD
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CD - Folk - Sounds of Switzerland Vol. 1 CD - Folk - Sounds of Switzerland Vol. 1
Tracklisting CD TM0610032 "Sounds of Switzerland Vol. 1" Alphorn-Jodel Alpenglühn ...
28.90 USD
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SWISSMADE.COM is an international online shop for Swiss made products like milk dark Cailler or Frigor chocolate, Victorinox knives or the typically Swiss army knife. We sell Swiss made Parisienne mild, watches from Victorinox and Wenger, Swiss cross military blankets or the legendary design rex peeler from zena. Everything too for a nice and cosy Swiss evening with Kambly biscuits, Gerber fondue and a hot cup of Ovomaltine the next morning. Welcome to Switzerland .

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