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“Swiss Made” machines and tools are known to be well engineered. Quality standards are high. Only the most reputable and precise brands find their way into our shop. The innovative thinking and meticulous precision are key characteristics of these machines, knives and watches.  

Top Products in Precision:
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Victorinox - RescueTool Victorinox - RescueTool
0.8623.N same Tool as 0.8623.MN Coming only in april 2007 with normal blade (instead One-...
92.90 USD
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Victorinox - SwissCard Lite Victorinox - SwissCard Lite
The high-grade ‘SwissCard Lite' in credit card format is the latest development by VICTORINOX....
30.95 USD
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TS 3 - the new satellite loudspeakers The new satellite loudspeaker is a standard setter in its ...
1186.80 USD
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Kern - Classic drafting compass sets Kern - Classic drafting compass sets
Kern - Classic drafting compass sets for professionals No more produced - We akquired 5 slightly u...
392.15 USD
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Dumont Heart Tweezers Dumont Heart Tweezers
Dumont Heart Tweezers A simple, nice and useful product; Dumonts Tweezers in heart shape. Ma...
30.95 USD
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Victorinox - swissbit. Swissmemory 512 MB Knife Victorinox - swissbit. Swissmemory 512 MB Knife
512 MB USB flash memory knife with blade, nailfile/screwdriver, scissors, pen, red LED light in...
139.30 USD
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Rubis - Swiss box Rubis - Swiss box
The Rubis name is synonymous with Swiss authentic quality and internationally awarded design prizes ...
175.45 159.95 USD
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Victorinox - 2009 New Official Soldiers Knife Victorinox - 2009 New Official Soldiers Knife
Victorinox - 2009 new official Soldiers Knife Finally out ! Victorinox can produce als the new...
92.90 USD
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SWISSMADE.COM is an international online shop for Swiss made products like milk dark Cailler or Frigor chocolate, Victorinox knives or the typically Swiss army knife. We sell Swiss made Parisienne mild, watches from Victorinox and Wenger, Swiss cross military blankets or the legendary design rex peeler from zena. Everything too for a nice and cosy Swiss evening with Kambly biscuits, Gerber fondue and a hot cup of Ovomaltine the next morning. Welcome to Switzerland .

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