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Rubis - Fine Instruments
Rubis is a producer of high-precison instruments for the industry (Electronics, Laboratory, Medicine, Watchmaking..) and became also well-known for its beauty Acessories - Nail Scissors and Tweezer, Manicure sets.
More than sixty years ago, the first precision tweezers were developed to place ruby stones into watch movements. From then on, the brand RUBIS stands for tweezers made to authentic Swiss quality standards. 

For over 60 years Rubis has been producing precision tweezers. At the beginning tweezers were manufactures exclusively for the Swiss watch industry - for assembling the delicate mechanical clockworks of famous watches like Patek Philippe, Cartier, Rolex and others only the most precise tweezers of the highest quality could be used. A dynamic development made Outils Rubis a market leader not only as a supplier of tweezers to the watch industry, but to rapidly growing industries such as electronics, microelectronics, robotics, telecommunications, space technology, R&D, biogenetics, laboratories, surgery and medicine.

Outils Rubis SA is located in Stabio, Ticino the very south of Switzerland


All Products in Rubis - Fine Instruments:

Rubis - Swiss box Rubis - Swiss box
The Rubis name is synonymous with Swiss authentic quality and internationally awarded design prizes ...
166.60 151.90 USD
More details >

Rubis - Classic Scissors Rubis - Classic Scissors
Nail scissors. High precision blades for perfectly cut nails. An outstandingly precise scissor which...
34.30 USD
More details >

Rubis - Tweezer - Pointer Swiss Cross Rubis - Tweezer - Pointer Swiss Cross
Fine precision tips guarantee the successful removing of ingrown hairs, splinters, spines and thorns...
34.30 USD
More details >

Rubis - Deluxe black leather Roll Case Rubis - Deluxe black leather Roll Case
Unique luxurious leather case composed of a nail & cuticle scissor, cuticle scissor, slanted and...
215.60 USD
More details >

Rubis- “Minuit” case – travelling companion Rubis- “Minuit” case – travelling companion
   “Minuit” case – the perfect travelling companion Unique modern n...
147.00 USD
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Rubis - Elegance Rubis - Elegance
Practical and functional, these lightweight slanted tweezers are contoured to fit comfortably your h...
44.60 USD
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