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Skis - Schuetz Sports


The passion for skiing and snow was already present from a very early age.

For brothers Fabian and Adrin Schuetz,born in the convalescence and ski area of Arosa,skiing was and is since they were two years old an important part of their lives.

Four years ago they made their vision reality.They took the step toward their passion and became self employed.Developing a ski collection of the highest technical and optical expectations began.

The art of perfection:

A ski is not just a ski. From SCHUETZ SPORTS each and every ski is a small piece of art.

The symbiosis of traditional swiss craftsmanship and innovative choice of material, renders a unique piece of sport equipment.

All materials are personally chosen and processed in the small workshop in Dietikon near Zurich .Each pair of skis is a handcrafted individual item .To enable to provide the highest quality, perfection and service Schuetz produces a maximum of 350 pairs per annum.


S w i t z e r l a n d

Stationstrasse 10

PO Box 79

8713 Uerikon


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Schuetz Ski - Mahogany Titanal Schuetz Ski - Mahogany Titanal
Mahogany Titanal :: All- mountain “CLASSIC” The most exclusive Ski by SCHUETZ SPORTS ...
2793.00 USD
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