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Peter Monteverdi was born in Binningen (near Basel in Switzerland), where his father owned a small car repair shop, on June 7th, 1934. Even as a child whose favorite toy was a little pedal car, his enthusiasm for automobiles could be seen. Following his high school education, Peter Monteverdi worked as a volunteer in the „Vevey"-agricultural machine factory. He then began fis four-year apprenticeship as a mechanic in the Adolph Saurer truck factory in Arbon. 

At the age of seventeen, Peter Monteverdi built his first car. Using the wreck of  a Fiat he constructed new body and frame for a sportscar: the MONTEVERDI Special.
While still in his early twenties, he formed his own racing team, MBM (Monteverdi Binningen Motors), and he competed successfully in many international events, piloting his own cars. A near fatal crash in a Porsche powered Formula 1 MBM ended his racing career. In the early sixties, Monteverdi developed a very successful business distributing Ferraris, Lancia, BMW, and Rolls Royce. However, following a disagreement with Enzo Ferrari, at age 33 he decided to design and build his own Gran Turismo. This car is one of the second series of GT cars, known as the High Speed 375S and is part of a Monteverdi collection that includes the mid-engined Hai, the first series 375S, 375L, 375/4, and Sierra. Peter Monteverdi died in 1998 at age 65 years.

2010 report in TagesAnzeiger

[sorry these cars were from a third party supplier and is probably meanwhile no more available - we just keep this page for info about the only Swiss car brand] 


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Monteverdi - High Speed 375S (Fissore), 1970 Monteverdi - High Speed 375S (Fissore), 1970
The Series II High Speed 375S made its debut at the London Motor Show at Earls Court in 1969 and fea...
156800.00 USD
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Monteverdi - Hai 450 SS, 1970 Monteverdi - Hai 450 SS, 1970
First shown with great success at the 1970 Geneva Auto Show, the Hai was intended to be a "halo...
166600.00 USD
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