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Helvetiq - The game about Switzerland
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Helvetiq - The game about Switzerland

Helvetiq is the result of one Swiss citizens naturalization process and his desire to help potential Swiss citizens, and other people around the world, learn more about his adopted country.
The game explores the history, culture, and society of this diverse and exciting country. The goal of the game is to share the story of Switzerland with people of all backgrounds and nationalities.

HELVETIQ - trivia quiz - Alpenaufzug


Boost your Swiss-IQ!

Goal of the Game: The players climb the route of the annual summer mountain ascent made by cows in Switzerland. Along the way, they respond to questions about Switzerland. The first player to arrive at the topmost cow wins. Anyone can win at this game, no matter his knowledge of Switzerland.
An idyllic hike to a Swiss mountain chalet!

helvetiq - The Political Game


Exercise your political skills!

Goal of the Game: Switzerland is a federal democracy. Swiss political institutions are divided into three branches, and three levels. Your goal is to rise to the top of the political scale and the score scale with your five playing pieces, before the Federal Council is filled, or time runs out. The player highest on the score wins the game.

A real poltical game, where the cards get layed openly on the table!



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