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We sell a 'best of' choice of  famous products from the small country in the center of Europe. International orders and payment with all major creditcards accepted. Fast worldwide shipping through the reliable Swiss Post services.

Our products are shown in 7 sections, into the most well known attributes standing for 'swissness'.

 Switzerland has a long tradition of agricultural production. Milk is the basis for a lot of fine tasting goods like chocolate, biscuits and cheese. We deliver you with an assorted collection of famous Swiss products which you already may know. If you don't: try them - they're typically Swiss.

 Our watch-industry is the biggest in the world. Our trains and busses are always in time. Swiss people are quite reliable as well. Switzerland - The cradle of timepieces. Swiss people are known for their punctuality and certainty. We present you some of the most famous wristwatches and clocks in oustanding workmanship and design.

 Spirit of Invention
 Many popular brand products were originally invented in Switzerland. Look around and explore the spirit of Swiss inventions.

 Mountain State
 Following the stereotype, the Swiss are living in the alps, tending their cows - and when they are happy they are yodeling.

 And last but not least we try to show you some products that are authentic. We are really proud of all those special selected items that you probably won't find on the globalized international market. We try to give you other ideas of originality and reliability and hope that you don't know yet our suggestions.

 'Swiss Made' machines and tools are well-known to be engineered well. Quality standards are high. Worldwidely known brands of precision only make their way into the onlineshop. The swiss make precisious knifes, machines and watches... and their thinking is also of that kind.

 Switzerland is a rich country. The gold of the National Bank is enforcing the prejudice that every Swiss is a millionaire. Switzerland has a long banking tradition. One of the main reasons is the reliability of the banks, the stable Swiss currency and one of the strongest bank secrecy, which has protected funds deposited in Swiss banks for over 300 years.

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SWISSMADE.COM is an international online shop for Swiss made products like milk dark Cailler or Frigor chocolate, Victorinox knives or the typically Swiss army knife. We sell Swiss made Parisienne mild, watches from Victorinox and Wenger, Swiss cross military blankets or the legendary design rex peeler from zena. Everything too for a nice and cosy Swiss evening with Kambly biscuits, Gerber fondue and a hot cup of Ovomaltine the next morning. Welcome to Switzerland .

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