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Mindset - Electric car of the future
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Unfortunately, the MINDSET is never gonna be produced
Info see website

Expensive super athletes or cheap-looking plastic crates: Between Tesla Roadster  and Think City electric cars is a gap. The mindset will close it. We drove the prototype.

A powerful hum fulfills the contemplative streets on Lake Lucerne. Lorenzo Schmid occurs through the pedal and the silver electric cars shoots like a sports car like this. Nor is the mindset just a rolling drive with a little sheet around. But as early 2009, the first cars delivered. The body, styled by former VW design boss Murat Günak, stands as a great draft live in a glass box in the middle of the meadow of Schmid's villa and has already for much stir.

Something new: an electric car as a status symbol

Günak with Murat, financier Lorenzo Schmid and Design Professor Paolo Tumminelli has the mindset top obstetricians. The trendsetters from Switzerland, however, have a pleasant deficit: they lack the raised index finger. They must be no hysterical demonization of the automobile fear. In the booklet mindset is about the topic of CO2 only marginally mentioned, and with reference to the fact that the world's only private transport for 12 percent of all CO2 emissions.

Auto Mobility is a key component of a civil society. It's not whether you should continue to drive a car, but about what kind of car you drive, believe the swiss world-improvers

"So far, everything in electric cars was wrong, even wrong," says Lorenzo Schmid. Most have are "unattractive plastic boxes" and "symbols of surrender '. Schmid has ever experienced, the establishment of an Electric Car hooks and eyelets: His electric tricycle Twike remained at least from a commercial point of view far short of expectations.
The mindset is now awake and genuine desire not only a vernunftbetontes means, but a status symbol. For the price of betraying the Swiss only that he is in the middle models based premium manufacturer. Lack of demand is not afraid mindset: "The merit of electric car owners is about 500 percent higher than the average earnings," says Schmid. "Making a production partner in Europe we have already found. Our goal is to someday per year, about 10,000 vehicles to sell," added Murat Günak.

"We have an almost frightening tailwind for the project," says Lorenzo Schmid. "Three years ago, probably nobody would have believed that oil price climate debate and discussion. With a 911er or a Ferrari to be underway, but today only embarrassing," believes the Swiss entrepreneur. But now the car remained once an important status symbol - particularly for men: "And in a mindset, you will."

The previously known data for the first mindset promise not only a powerful, but also an everyday electric vehicle. The 4.2 meters long coupe is a 2 2-seater with its lightweight composite body on an aluminum space frame. Of the 95 hp electric motor with 220 Newton meters of torque is lithium-ion battery-powered, the mindset 100 km far. The performance of the car are at a maximum speed of 140 km / h and an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in seven seconds.

A Range Extender increases the range to around 800 km. The 24 hp two-cylinder engine invites you to a power generator while driving on the batteries and consumes 3.8 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers - a concept that is so even General Motors will fit in volts. The vehicle weight is less than 900 kilograms. Airbags for driver and front passenger, ABS, ESP and four disc brakes belong to the security equipment.

The LCA of an electric vehicle depends- apart from the manufacturing process and disposal issues - from how to operate the necessary electricity is produced. On the subject of CO2, the mindset of a local zero emissions per kilometer for consumption. The LCA is a source of power according to 55 grams If the electricity obtained from hydropower - Switzerland already covers more than half of their electricity - the amount of Mindset ecobalance according to only one gram of CO2 per kilometer.

The "Etter Minds" believe that Switzerland is the ideal starting point for an electric revolution. "We do not have their own car production, the people are not as brand-bound," says Murat Günak. "When I made the auto industry went away, I knew that there is no interest in an electric car." The big manufacturers were "externally in their system, dare not look left or right. They are afraid, wrong decisions, and continue as before," he says. A revolution could only come from outside. For example, from Switzerland.

this is a google translation of an article in
I hope I can once buy (and SELL)  this beautiful car ! sd

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