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Swiss Money
The old swiss banknotes and coins can ewoke strong feelings .. when
we get suddenly one into hands. We offer some of the nice pieces.
Other than the stamps they have no more value in official payment.
(banks do not exchange them for new ones).

On request we can find all coins and banknotes from every year.
Also Goldvreneli we have in stock as the goldprice will rise ..


All Products in Swiss Money:

Banknote 100 Fr. Banknote 100 Fr.
Swiss 100.- FR from the series of the early 70ies 24.01.1972 Nr.87L40962 exactly like on the 2 pict...
88.20 USD
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Banknote 10 20 50 Fr. Banknote 10 20 50 Fr.
Swiss 10 - 50.- FR from the series of the early 70ies exactly like on the pictures, used ...
14.70 USD
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SWISSMADE.COM is an international online shop for Swiss made products like milk dark Cailler or Frigor chocolate, Victorinox knives or the typically Swiss army knife. We sell Swiss made Parisienne mild, watches from Victorinox and Wenger, Swiss cross military blankets or the legendary design rex peeler from zena. Everything too for a nice and cosy Swiss evening with Kambly biscuits, Gerber fondue and a hot cup of Ovomaltine the next morning. Welcome to Switzerland .

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